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Thursday, January 26, 2012

News From "Clicking Labs"

Internet Marketing Company Relocates to Crown 7 Building

Cebu, CEB (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

NOTE: "Clicking Labs" is gaining a good reputation for delivering quality internet services to :Help businesses thrive online." I have used their services and I highly recommend Clicking Labs as a worthy internet marketing company.

"Clicking Labs is an established internet marketing company founded in 2010 known to be a world provider of web-based solutions in search marketing, social media traffic, social applications and conversion optimization. These solutions that the company has developed are catered specifically towards small to medium website owners to increase online visibility, credibility and sales conversions.

Since entering Philippine waters in 2011, the company has already made an impression in the job market on the island of Cebu. Clicking Labs markets itself as a company that strives to become a dynamic web 2.0 environment for its employees and peers. This company strives to embody an environment where smart work, dedication and attitude are valued above everything else. “A great environment to work will no longer be considered as “work”. We want people who work for us to enjoy what they do and come to work smiling everyday!” says Managing Director, JP Bisson.

“We provide everyone in our team with comfortable workstations, career path coaching, and internal opportunities for their advancement. One of our company’s objective is to become the best place to work in the Philippines by the end of 2012,” adds Business Development – Managing Director, Jonathan Kennedy. The company is marking a milestone by its investment in a new office space in Crown Building located in Mabolo, Cebu City.

“We think work should be comfortable, fun and creative. We value stimulating work environments and authenticity in our team members. Creativity thrives in our workplace. We’re always on the look-out in hiring creative, talented and the best individuals out there. We would be more than happy to have them join our family in social media marketing” says Head Designer and UI Specialist, Diana Quartin.

Their next big step in Cebu is to relocate their current headquarters in Apas, Lahug to the 8th floor of the Crown 7 Building along Juan Luna Avenue to accommodate more employees for the growth of the company. Managing Directors JP Bisson and Jonathan Kennedy envision their latest office space as the best place to work in 2012 with a “Google inspired” office space. Spacious interiors for their employees include ample space, a beautiful view of the city and a dream board to continuously inspire them each and every day. The interior design of the office was outsourced from Canada to bring the best design to enhance productivity of their workers.

To know more about Clicking Labs and their latest job listings, visit their website at for updates.
About Clicking Labs

Clicking Labs
is a well established internet marketing company founded in 2010 by Jean-Patrick Bisson, Diana Quartin and Jonathan Kennedy. The company specializes in driving search marketing and social media traffic, social web app development and conversion optimization. Each product or service specifically helps small/medium website owners increase online visibility and improve online sales." (snip) ...

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