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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

David Icke’s Thoughts About Money

In 1996, David Icke published a book titled "I Am Me, I Am Free" wherein he typed a few noteworthy and prophetic quotes about politics, money and finance. Much of what he discussed in 1996 in now happening in real life.

On page 131 it is written:

"The party political system, like the financial system, is going to collapse because its structure is a physical expression of the old global energy field, the old imagination that humanity had of itself. To support this system any longer by voting in rigged elections (also known as democracy) is to give it an energy which will prolong its death and the human prison it underpins. It is wasting energy which could be used to create another reality to replace the old. Let it die, its day is gone. We are growing up now. As the spiritual transformation gathers pace and the sense of human reality changes, the old structures of party politics and interest-bearing debt are being thought out of existence. This will manifest on the physical level as people losing confidence in the system, refusing to play by its rules and the edifice of control will be denied the power (our power) which it needs to survive.”

On page 132 it is written:

“We can get seriously hooked into sterile, diversionary, debates about economics and money. Economists are wheeled on nightly to tell us how important some irrelevant financial development is to our lives and why this or that must happen to compensate. It usually involves bigger taxation, holding down wages, or higher prices. We then worry about money and attract what we fear. It is a vicious circle. We have a “can’t do” economic system which reflects the system as a whole. It’s designed as a prison”

“Economic-speak seeks to confuse us and diminish us because we don’t understand the language and what seems to be such a complex web of figures and data. In fact, it’s dead simple. You lend people money that doesn’t exist and charge them interest (usury) on it. Everything over and above that is a smoke-screen which is built on the foundations of lending people money that doesn’t exist and charging interest (usury) on it. Without the global conjuring trick, it all comes tumbling down.”

On page 133 it is written:

"Why are we desperately trying to shore up the walls of our own prison? Let it go, the quicker the better, and then we can create a system of interest-free (usuryfree) money and exchange that is based on abundance for all, and not, as today, on manufactured scarcity which leads to dependency-control. If we think abundance, there will be abundance.”

“Trying to stop the collapse of this economic insanity would be like rearranging the deckchairs on a sinking Titanic. A waste of time and energy. Much more sensible to climb in a lifeboat.”

NOTE: The economic lifeboat that David Icke and others speak of is the concept of we-the-people creating and spending our own usuryfree community currencies in our respective local communities. The model of a usuryfree time currency has been deemed to be the optimal trading/exchange currency since one hour of time is valued at 60 minutes on every continent and labour (measured with time) is the basis of every product and/or service needed and wanted by consumers. Eventually, given the ease of modern technology we will be able to trade our usuryfree time currencies locally, nationally and internationally – without being charged an exchange fee every time we cross a border into another country.

Think about it and do it NOW in 2012! We can in a very short time create the political will to demand dual accounts from our local credit unions during these transitory times – one account for our usury-base debt money and a second account for our usuryfree time currency.

NOTE: David Icke's website:


At 9:03 PM, Anonymous K-Roc said...

I like to see him be more vocal about this. 1996 is a long time ago. I'd love to see more prominent "truthers" be vocal about the most important topic on the planet.


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