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Saturday, November 05, 2011

We've Got Your Number World Bankers!

"We've Got Your Number" is a song produced and arranged by Terry Canady and Robert Chitwood in 1985. The words were created by Terry Canady and P. Nottoli. The song was (is) dedicated to the plight of the American farmer. They were away ahead of their time by creating a song that told the "truth" about the global banking cartel! We can expect more songs like this as the debtors awaken to the "truth" about modern money creation within our economic system of usury-based, debt money?

That's 26 years ago and the plight of the farmer has worsened significantly since then. In fact, it was in the spring of 1987 when I penned the article "The Genocide Of The Farmer" and published it in the LEADS Newsletter.

In the Spring of 2010, Grasshopper Media created this montage and added Terry Canady's song in the background.

Enjoy the montage and the song as we prepare to celebrate the 7th Annual UsuryFree Day (November 13th) and UsuryFree Week (November 13th to 19th) 2011.

Thanks to Grasshopper Media for creating the video clip - "In Defense of Our Land" - which is posted at Youtube at this link:

Now in 2011, the world is awakening to the words of this great song as sang by Terry Canady in 1985 - He was way ahead of his time AND Kudos to him.

Let's be awake and aware of the "problem, reaction, solution" strategy that is so often craftily implemented by the New World Order advocates - of which the Global Banking Cartel is a key player - as they move ahead with their devious and evil agenda to further enslave us financially. Let's not permit them to co-opt, infiltrate, sabotage, the current global awakening.

Let's keep it focused on the design flaw of usury and how this malfunction of our orthodox, economic system of debt money must be abolished forever so that once again all debtors can experience "Life Without Usury."

Terry Canady's blog:

Terry Canady's YouTube Channel:

Enjoy another song by Terry Canady titled "Who Were You?"

The awakening ones are finding an abundance of relevant information for their re-education at The UsuryFree Eye Opener. Bookmark it and refer to it often!

PS: Who can awaken our Christian clergy to help us expose the "truth" about modern money creation and about the evil and immoral aspects of the design flaw of usury? I have been writing "Letters To Clergy" since the mid-1980's when I learned how and why the design flaw of usury in the killer machine that keeps debtors in financial bondage to creditors for generation after generation AND not one single clergy member has responded to agree and thereafter to take a leadership role in abolishing usury forever.



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