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Friday, November 04, 2011

History of “Manufactured Revolutions” - Red October - Part II

This is "Part II of II" (Manufactured Revolution)

Vatic Note:   “Oh, my Gawd, you better read this all the way through.   It’s incredible.  Tru Ott did an excellent job on this.   Wait til you read the quote he gives us about half way down from a khazar leader in 1928.   He was not even hiding their intentions with us at all.   This entire blog explains everything fully.   Its the BIG PICTURE we have been looking for without guessing.  This is a continuation of our mini-series on the Occupy Wall Street disclosures.  The first one we put up at 1:15 AM today and these go together.  Tru Ott has given us the historical background that fits the previous blog and it shows why HISTORY IS SO VERY IMPORTANT SO WE CAN LEARN FROM IT and not make the same damn mistakes as others have in the past.  

Lets be the first to reject the same old game these blood suckers have played on humanity for thousands of years and over the past 100 years of our recent history.  Tru Ott shows us exactly how the game is played, how it has worked historically and how we are in the middle of it working again.  It all sounds good, and it gives hope to those who have felt helpless in the past.  Well, its still directed and controlled and thus is comfortable.  

If we take control of it back again, it will lose its image of "ORGANIZED", "FINANCED" AND "CONTROLLED".  Something "NOT CONTROLLED" is scary since we have no idea where it will lead us, and this is where "FAITH AND BELIEF" IN GOD, IF THAT IS YOUR BELIEF, OR IN OURSELVES,  WILL GUIDE US AND HELP US TO GO WHERE WE NEED TO GO WITH IT.  That is what is lacking.  They have spent billions of dollars convincing us we are helpless and cannot do anything without their direction.  LETS PROVE THEM WRONG,  TAKE BACK CONTROL AND REPOPULATE THEIR SO CALLED ASSEMBLY WITH THE TRUE PEOPLES REPS. That is the only way to go.  Use the Alternative press to get your demands out since the MSM is owned and working for the demons doing this.” (snip) ...

Read the complete article at this website:

NOTE: If you missed "Part I of II" (Manufactured Revolution) click here to read it.


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