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Monday, January 11, 2010

Genocide of the Debtor By Usury

By Tom J. Kennedy

Polish lawyer, Raphael Lemkin coined the word 'genocide' in 1944 to describe the Naxi atrocities of the Second World War. Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary defines 'genocide' as 'the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group." It is time to address all aspects of genocide as we progress into this 21st Century. There is an ongoing, well documented genocide that has been ever present in both Canada and the United Sates and elsewhere – The Genocide of the Debtor.

A compulsory unit of study ought to be drawn up to sensitize high school, college and university students to the plight of the debtor before they become indebted to any creditor. Small business owners and families on farms are experiencing serious problems as debtors with foreboding consequences for our children and grandchildren. Factories have moved to eastern Asia and rural farming communities are currently experiencing intense barbarism. The majority of the few small to medium-sized businesses and family farms that remain active are heavily indebted to their master-creditors – the global banking cartel. If the generation of youth are not informed of the truth about money and banking and usury, the genocide of these debtors could very well become the prominent atrocity of the 21st Century.

Emile Zola said of truth: "If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through, it will blow up everything in its way." There is evidence of a 'rural revolution' in Ontario. The most grim and extreme cases among the thousands of North American farmers facing bankruptcy and/or foreclosure (the situation continues to become more extreme with each passing month) at the whim of their creditors are not considered newsworthy by the mainstream media.

Bankers are an integral part of this devious scheme by charging any rate of interest or usury on borrowed money. In fact, usury together with the fraudulent practice of fractional reserve banking, is the rampaging, deadly economic cancer that is destroying us as individuals and collectively. In the Bible, usury is identified as a sin so great that God likens it to bloodshed: "Within you bribes are taken to shed blood, you take interest on loans, you oppress your neighbour by extortion – and you forget me, says the Lord, the Eternal. I shake my hand in horror at your extortion and your bloodshed." (Ezekiel 22: 12-13, Moffat)

Lindsey Williams had this to say about the farm crisis and the dilemma in rural communities in the mid-1980's:

"One-tenth of one percent of the farms in America are going into bankruptcy every thirty days. Recently, a farmer from South Dakota told me the following story. He said that his farm had been in their family for three generations. His great, great grandfather had homesteaded it. It has been successfully and profitably tended for three generations. A few years back when land values increased considerably, the bank persuaded the farmer to purchase more land and equipment by borrowing more money from the bank, using his land as collateral. Then the bottom dropped out of land prices because of the economy which had been intentionally manipulated by the internationalists. The banker came to the farmer and said that because land prices had dropped, he no longer had enough collateral to cover his loan, and even though he was current in his payments, he must pay the difference between the amount of the loan and the amount of collateral which he had to back up the loan. The farmer could not come up with the amount of money the banker was demanding. Later, the banker came to the farmer and announced that they were going to repossess, but the bank asked the farmer if he and his family would stay on the farm as tenant farmers. Was it to the advantage of the Internationalists to bring about a financial crisis for the farmer? Yes! They got the farm for the price of the combine. If a farmer can't afford to farm without borrowing money, then he surely can't afford to farm borrowing money and paying interest. I predict that the majority of the farms of America will be corporate farms within a few years, if the Internationalists have their way." (From Syndrome of Control)

Besides small to medium-sized business owners and farmers, individuals, families and governments (municipal, provincial and federal) are commonly heavily indebted to the global banking cartel through loans and mortgages. Let's not forget credit card debt.

Indeed, we can correctly define all of these entities as debtors. Two key questions arise. (1) Who are the profiteering creditors to whom each of these debtor entities are indebted? (2) It is fair to declare that these heavily burdened debtors are victims of genocide by usury as exacted by their debtors?

This brief essay offers possible answers to these intriguing questions about money in general and interest or usury in particular. There is a definite need for useful resources that will thoroughly cover these important topics that involve debtors and creditors. Paul Grignon's double DVD set entitled 'Money As Debt I & II’ is one such resource that is recommended viewing by every debtor who is paying usury tribute to a creditor (banker).

Likewise, Issac Isitan's DVD entitled 'Money – Who Creates It, Who Controls It?' There is another DVD, an historical masterpiece entitled 'The Money Masters,' which exposes the history of these profiteering creditors. Noting such resources answers the first key question. The second key question is to be answered by yourself after reading this essay and following up with your own self-imposed research.

The profiteering creators of this wicked, Babylonian money system who sit idly by and fill their pockets with usury stolen from those who can least afford it are the shareholders of the global banking cartel. By the way, the Federal Reserve Bank is privately controlled and the Bank of Canada is similarly controlled and both are dedicated to bringing debtors to their knees in whimpering subjection.

It has not been commonplace for creditors to teach debtors about the evils of usury-producing loans. Neither have traditional economists, nor Christian clergy, nor formal educators been teaching the youth about the economic entrapment that can be attributed to the design flaw of usury on our orthodox money system.

What is evident is the creditor's lust for economic gain while inflicting maximum economic pain on the debtors. Too often the debtors have no one to turn to when economic disaster presents itself. The truth is that neither the dedicated employees of the creditors, nor the unsuspecting debtors have ever been taught about the creation of money and the exacting of usury. Therefore, they cannot recognize the lies, deceit and deception about usury and how it becomes the killer machine that eventually inflicts genocide on the debtors.

While everyone uses money and the majority of money is created through the process of usury-bearing debt, few people understand either the origin of money or the origin of usury. How can an ignorant employee of the creditor (the bank) provide a credible witness before a needy debtor if his/her education process neglected to teach the truth about historic or modern economic concepts? Genocide by usury would not exist in this 21st Century, if the creditors who control our orthodox, economic system did not seek to profit on the desperate need of debtors to borrow that which they lack.

The direct cause of usury on every loan or mortgage creates a 'shortage of money' thereby directly and/or indirectly causing violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack. Living with this gross misunderstanding or usury does not demonstrate true love to one another from the heart.

Indeed, it is truly unfortunate that usury is considered a normal aspect of our modern economy. Even the Christian churches which were historically opposed to usury by the conviction that it disobeyed God's law are now accepting of it. Many church organizations even charge usury when lending money to churches within their specific religious jurisdiction. It's time to challenge all Christian churches to call for the abolition of usury as they had done during the Middle Ages when all of those wonderful cathedrals were constructed in Europe.

It is no wonder that the death of thousands of people all over the world on a daily basis is attributed to the design flaw of usury. The daily, global, death rate of children attributed to the design flaw of usury is approximately 40,000 per day.

When creditors and debtors ignore God's Law about usury on loans how can they not expect increasing taxes, tyrannical governments and more and more per capita indebtedness? History proves absolutely, that usury eventually leads to economic slavery. There is plenty of evidence that too many debtors are experiencing genocide by usury as we witness larger portions of debtors' incomes going to support debt service (usury).

My hope is that an awakening be expedited and may debtors experience the reality of usuryfree living whether they be business owners, farmers, individuals, families or governments (municipal, provincial, federal). It is obvious that any goal of usuryfree living cannot be realized as long as the scourge of usury enslaves us.

Let us promote the usuryfree community currency movement at the grassroots while sharing knowledge and resources with leaders who are currently active within our various pyramidal structures (schools, churches, corporations, governments etc.). Let us strive to achieve a usuryfree economy in which debtors are no longer subservient to creditors. Let us co-operate and work together to create a usuryfree lifestyle for everyone on this planet. Let us do it NOW!

To acquire resources about the usuryfree community currency movement contact:

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At 12:25 AM, Blogger Thomas Wambua said...

Thanks for opening our eyes on that which is truly consuming us as an individual and our society. May God raise us above this evil plans of our enemy and grand us more grace that we may overcome the traps set on our ways. God bless you and give you all that it takes to reach more and more.

Thomas Wambua


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